The old meets the new

Clutch Media Works will put together a plan that combines traditional marketing with digital and social media marketing just for your business. From designing eye catching ads to writing copy that makes your message sing to targeting the people you want as customers, you can rest assured your message will make a mark.

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When we first get started we assess your overall online presence. We check to make sure your brand in present across all platforms in a way that’s cohesive. Are you verified on Google My Business? Do you have updated imagery? How’s your website looking? Is your social media current? All of these things come together to drive customers to YOU.

We offer ads management and monitoring services for Facebook & Instagram. We also offer Trip Advisor, Yelp & Google reputation management services.

We manage your email marketing using platforms such as Mailchimp, Zenreach and Yelp WiFi. We create content, design the message blasts and help you find new customers to reach via email.

Sending a well-crafted press release for news worthy events helps you reach more customers. Let us write your press release and reach the right media outlets when you have something big to announce.

To create a strong community, you need to be engaged all the time and since business owners live a very busy life and often don't have the time, we make it easy for you. We design and manage your ad campaigns, make budget suggestions, monitor your insights and make necessary adjustments.